Doomtown Texas Rangers Championship Comes to Ground Zero


Doomtown is one of the hottest games at Ground Zero, and the nationwide fan community is one of the best out there for any game.

New for this year, the Gomorra Community Council has organized a new series of fan-run tournaments called the “Outlaw Series”. There will be 9 of these events run worldwide, and the Texas Ranger Championship event will be hosted on Saturday, April 16, right here at Ground Zero. These events are purely fan-run, and are outside the normal structure of Organized Play for Doomtown, but AEG is still supporting them with some INCREDIBLE prizes! First off, there will be new alternate-art Gunslinger token cards for all participants, and a signed Ricardo Rullo sketch for the event’s winner!

1703151121131But the big prize is what’s being referred to as the “AEG Nod” – the winner of each Outlaw Series event will get to name a card to be printed in a future Saddlebag expansion! That’s right – any dude, deed, action, etc. that you’d like to see in the game can become a real card. Now, the name will be subject to Story Team approval, so must fit the wild west theme, and must represent the faction you won with, or the location of the event.

More details will be coming as they become available, so sign up for the event page below to make sure you get all the updates. Needless to say, if you’ve been on the fence about jumping into this phenomenal game, there’s never been a better excuse than this!

Event Page:

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