Star Wars: Spirit of Rebellion Prerelease Cancelled

Unfortunately our prerelease for Star Wars Spirit of Rebellion is cancelled.

To say we regret this both for the store and our players is an understatement, and so an explanation is in order.
We believed strongly in the potential for the game from the very moment it was announced and signed up for the prerelease for Awakenings. We printed up flyers for the event and made a poster which we posted inside the store.

Then, as the date was only a few days away from that event, we were told “Sorry, the kits for this event were allocated and even though you signed up early, there were not enough to send you one. Tough luck.”

So when the announcement was made for the next prerelease, Spirit of Rebellion, we contacted our distributor immediately. We were told “We can put you on a list, but we have no idea if you will actually get the kit or not.”

So we waited. The only word we ever received beyond “You’re on the list, but we can’t guarantee you’ll get the kit to run the event” was when the kit actually arrived on Thursday, March 30th. At that point we felt it was too late to get enough word out for our players to plan for the event, and so we scheduled it for the following weekend to allow time for the event to be promoted to our players.

We received an e-mail today from Fantasy Flight that informed us that they would not allow the event to be run on any date other than April 1st or 2nd and we were not under any circumstances to hold the event. As those of you who frequent this store know, Ground Zero does not break street date or do anything else which does not comply with event rules. Because of the lateness in even knowing we would be able to hold the event, we simply did not expect there to be an issue with running it a week late. If we had received notice from Fantasy Flight before the April 1st weekend, we would have rushed the date, but sadly we only received the notice from them after the date for the event.

We have already paid for the kit to run this release, but unfortunately our hands are tied. Obviously we made a mistake in assuming that we could hold the event on the following weekend, but we didn’t want a repeat of the first prerelease where we were left at the last minute explaining to people who planned to attend our event that it would not occur. Now we are in the same boat.

So – we apologize to our players for this. Frankly, it shakes our faith a bit in a game that we have worked hard to promote. Honestly, there isn’t anything more we can tell you other than we will try and figure out where to go from here with this game.

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