Well, its finally here. To those of you who’ve been hanging around the shop long enough, you no doubt noticed the distinct lack of updates on the old site. Frankly, it just wasn’t worth keeping going. The site framework was old and outdated, and not enough people were visiting the site to make it worth the trouble of updating it.

So now we’ve got something entirely new – easier for us to update, easier for you to keep track of, and, if I do say so myself, a little bit prettier. Since I feel like making this long-winded, a quick tour of what we have set up so far – obviously here on the home page, we’ll have a stream-of-consciousness blog entry-esque setup. Graphic Novel reviews, Dave’s Fanboy Sermons, and other assorted materials will show up here in descending chronological order. On the About Us page, you’ve got a brief history of the shop (which was mostly cribbed from the old site), as well as a handy embedded google map, in case you ever forget how to get here. You’ve got the “On the Stands” page, which, on any given week, will have a high probability of telling you what’s on the stands for said week. We’ve got Events, which will list all the upcoming events taking place at Ground Zero (Gaming and otherwise) – also, you’ll notice a spiffy little calender just to the right of the text you’re reading. Any of the lit-up dates will hotlink you directly to the event page for what’s going on that day. Neat, huh? And last but not least is the brand spankin’ new forums (The Mailing List isn’t operational yet – keep checking back). These new forums are embedded within the site proper, so once you’ve registered for the website itself, you won’t have to register again to post on the forums, just go on in and start discussing what a wonderful shop Ground Zero is!

Anyways, I hope everyone likes the new site as much as I do. I’m sure I’ll get lots of comments here telling how much better the old site was, but hey, if you’re commenting, then you’re registered for the site, and that’s a win in my book!

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