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Ground Zero Comics began (more or less) in California in 1991. Started originally as a side business, it soon grew into a full time occupation for David and Tonya Seigler. Their stay in California was punctuated by the 1989 San Fransisco earthquake, several burglaries, a case of mistaken identity with the Sacramento Police and at least one day spent as a hostage. Eventually, Dave and Tonya decided to move their comic store to their home state of Texas.

Since opening in 1993, they have sold over a million dollars worth of collector comics, games and related materials. Both comic fans themselves, the Seiglers have made certain to operate the kind of shop that they themselves would want to frequent. In just two decades, we’ve seen comics boom, bust and pick back up again. Now, with Green Lantern, Thor, and a host of other comic properties being released on the silver screen, comics are finding a new generation of fans. Despite the mania that trends like Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh have generated, Ground Zero has always focused on the reader and fan, rather than the investor/speculator. A shop where the adult fan won’t be insulted, Ground Zero has always been family oriented and open to young readers.

Although the primary business is comic books, Ground Zero has also provided a diverse selection of games. It was one of the first to hold tournaments for what was then a brand new game called Magic: The Gathering, and has had various D&D groups call it home over the years. Despite this diversity, Ground Zero Comics has remained a comic shop at heart, and IT HAS NEVER SOLD POGS OR BEANIE BABIES!


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